Translate your ideas into real-world action with efficient and effective methods.

Thoughtful implementation is key to successful evidence-based strategies. Programs that receive expert implementation support are 2-3 times more efficient than unsupported programs. Our team supports teams to co-create solutions, make improvements, and sustain change.

Programs that are implemented with dedicated support achieve quicker and higher quality results.

Inform change management and policy implementation by applying best-practice Implementation Science.

Our team works across departments to develop and manage implementation plans with client partners and to generate the buy-in needed to ensure they’re successful long-term. We use the groundbreaking IS model of Active Implementation frameworks to provide a lens for understanding how services, organizational systems, and leadership structures generate effective strategies.

Focalize helps social service systems make transformational change.

Whether a provider is focused on child welfare, developmental disabilities, homeless services, juvenile justice, or another service, we create the right solution.



Ensure clients are thriving and growing in their lives while managing programs remotely


Implement uniform approach to improvement processes that feature clear written reports and feedback loops



Staff lacks capacity and efficiency for data-oriented tasks, like tracking program info in Excel


Create easy-to-use tools, clear instructions, and practical training that is tailored to specific jobs to streamlines data collection

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The positive impact of our work

Our work makes agencies and service systems solve today’s greatest social challenges. Read how Focalize is helping a community you care about.

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Quality Improvement unifies nine types of service.

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Quality Improvement benefits thousands of children.

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Evaluating Hawaii’s response to increase access to housing.

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